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Welcome to Deep Global Computing Solutions. We are a premier provider of computer repairs, servicing and network integration. Our goal is to provide you the very best in wireless and conventional network products and to offer fixed price repairs plus parts. Our quality control standards are high. Our personnel are among the best. Our goal is always to deliver solutions to your problems. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.

About us:

This graphic shamelessly stolen from my friend Steve at http://tesla-pc.com.

As you investigate management systems for your business, take a careful look at the company behind each product. You will be choosing a supplier as much as a system, and your decision will impact your business for years to come.

Solutions by Computer systems are the leading choice of businesses with rental operations, but that alone doesn’t tell the whole story. It is important to know why our systems succeed.

Solutions has maintained a sole focus on rental, sales and service automation since our company was founded in 2000. We have been under experienced, industry-savvy management continuously from that time: operations, product development and support services are all guided by individuals with many years of rental industry experience. To understand the importance of this in practical terms, consider the market enthusiasm for our first system, DGCSOLUTIONS®, which earned a leadership position within 18 months of introduction.

The same technology team responsible for Counter Pro’s original design and ongoing development are now the creative force behind our DGCSOLUTIONS® management system, a fact that should mean a great deal as you evaluate system suppliers. For the second time in our company’s history, superior experience resulted in a superior system design – DGCS won two industry awards for innovation in its debut year.

Longevity, financial stability and staffing levels are also important considerations. Our company’s support department has been in continuous operation for over two decades, and currently numbers more than 30 people. By investing in customer-oriented services such as support and ongoing software enhancements, we maintain our reputation for reliability and responsiveness. We are particularly proud that Solutions has been honored with the American Rental Association's prestigious Special Service Award for “performing outstanding service and contributions for the good of the equipment rental industry.” Our company brings that same commitment to every business and customer we serve.





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